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Before deciding on pregnancy, a woman should pass a general analysis of blood: the majority of women before pregnancy you need to take iron supplements to prevent anemia and fetal risk of oxygen deficiency. pregnancy miracle book

Both partners should get tested for sexually transmitted infections by HIV, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc. ureoplazmy Detecting these infections should be treated carefully, since they can lead to infection of the fetus and the difficulty of the course of pregnancy.

Before conception both spouses should be fluorography as pregnancy time holding this method of research is prohibited.

If a woman does not hurt rubella, then before you get pregnant, you should take a blood test for antibodies to this infection. If no immunity should be mandatory to be vaccinated. The fact that rubella, transferred during pregnancy may threaten the life of the fetus or cause the severe malformations. how to get rid of scars on face

It should be remembered that after vaccination against rubella before conception should be at least 3 months.